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Dr. Goldberg, M.D., with St. John's Hospital Receives the WOW Award!

Join us in celebrating our newest “WOW” Award Winner, Dr. Goldberg, M.D., and the entire team at St. John’s Hospital Emergency Room.

Words from Gene Pritchett, Dr. Goldberg's nominator:

"On the morning of December 17, 2021, my wife, Marcia Pritchett, was rushed to the Emergency Room at St. John's Hospital. Her condition was serious and involved numerous comorbidities. We received exceptional care from everyone we interacted with in the ER. However, my wife's assigned doctor, Dr. Goldberg, took extra time to thoroughly explain the various issues going on, the treatment plan involved with each, and the possible complications my wife was facing. He sat down as if he wasn't in a hurry, looked us in the eye, and broke down the medical terminology in a way that was easy to understand.

Dr. Goldberg also dedicated extra time to re-enter the room each time a new doctor/technician came in so that we fully understood what they were there to do. He repeatedly asked if we needed anything or had any questions. What made this extra remarkable was how busy the ER was at the time. I could understand if there was nobody else there requiring care, but it was so busy that patients were waiting on beds in the hallway.

The icing on the cake was that this doctor took the time to walk with us from the ER up to the ICU. All the while he was explaining things in more detail and telling us what to expect. Once we got to the room in ICU, he went and found the ICU doctor and both of them came to talk to us at the same time. Dr. Goldberg did this, and patiently waited, to ensure we fully understood everything the ICU doctor was telling us. Then, he gave both myself and my daughter a hug and expressed his heartfelt condolences before returning to his busy ER."



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