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Eureeka Bridgeford with Walmart on Freedom Drive Receives the WOW Award!

Join us in celebrating our latest “WOW” Award Winner, Eureeka Bridgeford from Walmart on Freedom Drive!

Words from Steve Oh, Eureeka's nominator:

"I was frantically trying to find a double grip walker for my uncle late one night. I checked everywhere on line and went by several places as well. No luck. As a last effort, I called Walmart on Freedom Drive. Not expecting much, I was so pleasantly surprised with Eureka picked up the phone. She was so nice and professional. I explained what I needed and just asked if they had any in stock, which the Internet said they did not. She when looking for it and finally found one. I told her I was on my way and she said she would stash it away.

When I went to pick it up, they knew right where it was. I thanked them and told them to thank Eureka for me. This sweet, young lady said she was Eureka. I gave her a big hug. She even let me take a selfie with her for FB.

I think called the store and asked to speak to the GM to personally thank them and ask that she be recognized for her kindness and amazing customer service. Then I found out about this award. It would be perfect for her.

So, many people could learn a LOT from Eureka. That one gesture of kindness meant so much for me and my family. My Uncle walked with his walker and was so happy to have the freedom to do so again without fear of falling."



If you know a community member who deserves to be recognized for their extraordinary act of kindness or superior customer service, please take a few moments to nominate them today!


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