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Five Reminders to Help Create a Meaningful Customer Experience During a Crisis

-Steve Peralta, BOS Vice President & Customer Experience Officer, CILCSA Board Member

As numbers of exposed Covid-19 cases continue to rise in the Springfield area footprint, we at CILCSA noticed a published article by Kristina Koller, a Market Leader in Demand Generation that highlights 5 best practices to deliver a meaningful customer and employee experience during a global crisis. The information is timely as we believe that a Company’s culture is really defined during a time of crisis. How we treat employees and customers now, when they need us the most, will determine who we are, our culture, and our potential for success in the future.

The author lists 5 strategies as:

Evangelize a Preparedness Plan Across the Organization

Any Company’s preparedness plan should mitigate risk and create confidence and support with staff. Depending on the crisis a firm may communicate efforts to suspend business travel, promote wellness, and introduce alternative business solutions to meet customer demand.

What critical tasks can be managed remotely and what areas do you have gaps? Copies of this plan should be readily visible and communicated from Leadership throughout the organization.

Be Proactive and Respond Quickly

When your customers reach out for help (and they will), in a time of panic—a fast response is critical. When communicating with customers pay attention to what they are asking for and be as accommodating as possible. By showing customers that you value them when they need you the most, will deepen the customer relationship in the future. Think long term.

Also responding quickly is important but being proactive is even better. Remember to remind customers of other tools available to them in the future should they need such as electronic methods of communication and/or remote call center operations.

Be Human and Exercise Empathy

More than ever during a crisis period it is critical that your team embrace your Core Values to provide comfort with internal and external customers. Chances are the conversations you are having with customers and employees won’t be the easiest ones as of late. It is important that if we must give “hard” answers, please express empathy and offer options that let people know they are understood and appreciated.

Communicate, Communicate, and Then Communicate Again

Human Resources and Senior Management should work closely with employees to communicate key information on a daily basis regarding the handling of the COVID 19 pandemic or any other given crisis. This communication should be consistent and should continue as you navigate the coming days. In addition, if possible, tap Marketing on the shoulder to leverage Social Media and your company website to inform customers of all precautionary measures your team is taking to protect employees and customers.

Ask for Feedback & Confirm Quality of Delivery

As customer transactions and communication happens take the time to ensure you have satisfied all customer requests. We want to be efficient but at the same time we do not want to hurry customers. Remember during times like this, customers are anxious as well and need help. Take the appropriate time to confirm customer satisfaction and happiness and remember to thank them for their business. Afterall customers do have choices.

In summary, we are certainly sailing some unchartered waters, but together our community will rise to the challenge. If you or your team have any questions on how you can increase Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) performance during a time of crisis, please reach out to CILCSA. We would love to help…..


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