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Jackie Weatherford with Papa Frank's Receives the WOW Award!

"I recently met some colleagues for lunch at Papa Franks restaurant. We were seated at our table and greeted with enthusiastic charm by our server, Jackie. I have been in the food service industry my entire career of 43 years. It is rare that you get to have a dining experience like we had with Jackie. As each member of our group ordered, she artfully recapped what the guest ordered and gave great detail about the selection. "You have selected the chef salad. That will include iceberg lettuce, tomato, two olives, ham, salami, and shredded mozzarella cheese. I would recommend our house-made Italian dressing, but of course, I would offer you any dressing of your choice", said Jackie. She did this with each of our orders to ensure we were OK with everything accompanying the dish. We ordered an antipasto tray as an appetizer and when Jackie noticed we ate all the olives, she quickly brought us an extra bowl.

There was just something about her style, grace, and charm that made us all feel like she was so happy to have us at her table. As the food service industry continues to struggle to find employees, it is so refreshing to have a server like Jackie that truly shines in front of customers and makes them feel like their business really

matters to the establishment."

- Jackie's Nominator



Congratulations Jackie! That's what we call WOW worthy! 🤩 Nominations are being accepted now for our next WOW Award. We look forward to learning about your exceptional experience!


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