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Springfield Clinic Announces WOW Award Winner

Join us in celebrating our latest “WOW” Award Winner, Jenny Bilyard, from Springfield Clinic!

Words from, Liz Parker, Jennifer's nominator:

"Since we began the formal Patient Experience program at Springfield Clinic in mid-2020, Jenny has stood out as one of our "superstars". She was called out BY NAME in post-visit surveys sent to patients several times in the past year. Patients do not necessarily automatically know who is checking them in at the front desk at each visit, which means Jenny introduced herself AND made a positive impression. These are some of the things patients remembered days after their visits while filling out surveys: "Jenny is a very sweet, efficient receptionist." "Jenny is wonderful! Always a smile and kind greeting." "Jenny always recognizes me and makes me feel so welcome!" "Jenny is amazing, friendly and just a genuinely nice person." "Jenny is a great receptionist!" "Jenny is amazing, she remembers people by their name and always has a friendly demeanor."

What these comments demonstrate to us in the Patient Experience Department is that Jenny is consistently providing a memorable and meaningful experience at the front desk. She is not only setting a highly positive tone for the visit, she is bringing patients peace of mind when they might be experiencing uncertainty, fear or worry when checking in to see the doctor. At Springfield Clinic, we emphasize that every team member should be providing compassionate, exceptional experiences, whether they are directly providing care in the exam room or interacting with the patient outside of it. Jenny exemplifies this, and her manager, Director of Operations Rebecca Summers, summarizes this perfectly:

"Jenny truly does care about everyone she meets and wants to make sure everyone knows they have a friend in her. She's interested in your life and will take time to make you feel important."

Jenny Bilyard deserves recognition for her example of what truly exceptional customer service can be: not just making the doctor's office a more pleasant place to be, but being genuine in the connections she makes with her patient-customers and exuding positivity into the world with every chance she gets."



If you know a community member who deserves to be recognized for their extraordinary act of kindness or superior customer service, please take a few moments to nominate them today!


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