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Springfield, Illinois | Main Streets

We're thrilled to share a captivating video that captures the essence of our vibrant community! John McGivern takes you on a journey showcasing the heartwarming partnership with Ace Sign, the dynamic events at the Fairgrounds, and the inviting charm of Visit Springfield.

Featured Locations Include:

00:00 Intro

02:30 Lincoln Home National Historic Site

04:30 Oak Ridge Cemetery

05:00 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

06:55 Lincoln's tomb

07:35 African American History Museum

09:50 State Capital

12:20 Route 66

12:48 Ace Sign Co

12:07 Maid-Rite Sandwich shop

16:08 Springfield High School

19:27 Cozy Dogs

21:25 Governor’s Mansion

22:00 Obed and Isaac’s


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