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Steve Wade with Lowe's on Dirksen Receives the WOW Award!

Join us in celebrating our latest “WOW” Award Winner, Steve Wade from Lowe's on Dirksen!

Words from Andrew Bartlett, Steve's nominator:

"With a pregnant wife & two infants at home and a new baby coming on the upcoming Monday, I came to Lowe’s on the Saturday before in a rush to try and get the final piece of wood needed to complete my son’s bunk beds I have been building him. I needed to get these bunk beds complete so we could get my son moved out of his existing room and into the new one to open up his crib for the new baby coming in just 2 days. It was crunch time and I needed a single piece of 4’x8’ wood cut down to a custom size of 29”x66”. This is something standard that they typically will do with this big cutting rig they have that typically makes it very simple for them to do. Well when one guy tried to get it done for me he made the first cut and then learned the saw on their cutting rig was messed up and wouldn’t turn to cut the other direction. He called the manager Steve for assistance. First Steve tried to fix it for 10+ minutes and was unsuccessful. (Apparently a technician had been out the night before and did something wrong getting it put back together). After this, with zero hesitation or me explaining my predicament / urgency, Steve said “I’m going to get you taken care of” — walked away and came back with a circular saw and t-edge ready to just cut this thing down manually since their fancy cutting rig was down. He grabbed a couple saw horses off the shelf nearby, set the wood up top, measured it out, grabbed a nearby piece of wood for a long straight edge, marked it and ripped it down. Seems like such a simple, easy gesture, but if you saw everything he went through it was definitely a WOW moment. He could of very easily just said “well the cutting rig is down, sorry we can’t get this cut for you today”, but he did not. He stepped up and went above and beyond to get me taken care of. As he finished up I thanked him, asked his name, shook his hand and told him why it was so important I get this cut down today. I hope I made his day as much as he made mine….. and my families."



If you know a community member who deserves to be recognized for their extraordinary act of kindness or superior customer service, please take a few moments to nominate them today!


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