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CILCSA Launches New Website & Email Domain

The Central Illinois Customer Service Association (CILCSA), a 501c (6) non-profit entity committed to improving service in organizations and businesses in Central Illinois, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website domain at CILCSA modified and re-branded its website to streamline member communication and implement site enhancements which will improve the end-user experience.

The site features complete digital enrollment of new members, automatic renewal options, integrated email marketing, event management, and a domain address that is easier for users to locate through search analytics. In addition to the website domain change, CILCSA launched a new email address for communication at

“We are excited to rollout our enhanced website and simplified email address that will allow CILCSA to more easily communicate with our members and promote customer service within the Central Illinois community,” said Michael Thomas, CILCSA President, “Over time these communication enhancements will also save CILCSA time and resources and ultimately propel us to the next level!”

CILCSA invites media and visitors to explore the new website to learn more about our programs, WOW Award, blog opportunities and ways to engage with the local organization. Feedback is welcome at

Friendly Tips for Website & Email Communication with CILCSA

1. Add to your favorites.

2. Set email settings to allow for email access of and to prevent CILCSA emails from going to your spam folder.

3. Be sure to check our site regularly to learn of upcoming programs.

About Central Illinois Customer Service Association (CILCSA)

CILCSA is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) entity that is committed to improving customer service in

organizations and businesses in Central Illinois. CILCSA believes that together, Central Illinois has a better chance of making a difference by leveraging and sharing each other’s experiences and successes to make our community the friendliest community in Illinois! For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Need more information, or to schedule an interview please call 217-553-0008 or email


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