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WOW Award Winner, Orion Marty with Damon Priddy State Farm

Join us in celebrating our latest “WOW” Award Winner, Orion Marty with Damon Priddy State Farm!

Words from Damon Priddy, Orion's nominator:

Orion joined my team in March 2022, 9 months after the launch of the agency. His

immediate impact was in his personality, dedication and to our culture as a team. This

continues today in his role as the Senior Account & Team Manager in the office. He

works very closely with our clients, meeting in person with multiple clients every day to

review their household, educate and assist in risk management. If anyone were to go

to our Google profile, they will see over 100+ Google reviews mentioning Orion's

name specifically. He makes an impact daily. Some of these reviews are:

"Damon has the best team. He is very professional and knowledgeable and the office is very

welcoming. He and his team put together a very thorough quote, presentation and

took time to answer our questions. My husband and I had many questions about our

previous coverage and the state farm coverage. Orion was kind enough to stay late

(on Valentine's day!) To go through the policies and options for us. Looking forward to

paying less in insurance monthly!"

"I had an awesome experience. Orion was amazing at explaining the process to me. He made me feel very comfortable choosing State Farm."

"Every experience I have with an associate from Damon Priddy-State Farm is

comfortable and informative. Recently, Orion contacted me to go over my policy. He

was so nice! He also explained a few things to me about my policy that I was unaware

of and offered me a quote for comprehensive coverage. An incredible bunch of


"Orion was the best! He knew exactly what I needed, was quick, and helpful. I

definitely recommend this insurance agency!"

"Orin was awesome to work with. He understood what we needed and was on top of it. A++ service"

"Orion was great to work with and made the transition easy to switch over to State Farm."

"Great group of people, Orion was awesome! Very professional and honest. They made the insurance buying process extremely easy! Would recommend to anyone"

"I worked with Orion and I could not have asked for anything more. Great rates. Great communication. Personable. Truly and amazing group of individuals who are fair, reliable and just plain AWESOME!"

"Just had a great experience with State Farm Advisor, Orion Marty. Thank you!!! He was very knowledgeable, friendly and diligent to find the best coverage to fit my my needs. He was recommended to me by a friend and I highly recommend him too. 5 stars!"

That is a SMALL sampling of reviews I took right off of Google, a very small sample of what I hear about Orion every day from clients. Just yesterday he met with a long-time client who has been with us for 32 years! At 87 years old, although spry and energetic... needed some extra explanation and time. Orion spent the time needed and even walked her out to her car as she was leaving the office. What happened next... she asked him his advice on her tires, as she was making a road trip south soon. She wanted to make sure her vehicle was safe to

make the trip. Orion spent the time outside in the parking lot talking with her about her

road trip, looked at her vehicle (although certainly not a trained mechanic by any

means) and offered his recommendations as a fellow Honda driver :-)

It is these small moments, Orion's patience with our clients and the overall light that he brings to our agency culture every single day that prompted my to nominate for the WOW award. Regardless of the award outcome - we are WOW'd by Orion either way!



If you know a community member who deserves to be recognized for their extraordinary act of kindness or superior customer service, please take a few moments to nominate them today!


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