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Brad Hanson with Pease's at BUNN Gourmet Receives the WOW Award!

Join us in celebrating our latest “WOW” Award Winner, Brad Hanson, Pease's at BUNN Gourmet!

Brad Hanson's nomination once again proved that BUNN Gourmet is customer focused and their top concern is exceeding the needs of their clients.

Words from Steve Miller, Brad's nominator:

"Back in June and July, my wife, Jane and I, hosted a couple of parties for my niece who got married in July. As a token of her appreciation, she presented us with a mix box of raggedy anns, and nuts. The chocolates had a white powder on them, and to me they did not taste fresh. I told my wife; I was going to call to see if we could exchange. Since we were busy with the wedding, and having our kids staying with us, I forgot about the chocolates. A couple of days after the wedding, I told her I was going to call Pease's to see if we could exchange. However, the box was empty.

Since there was no longer a product to return, I told my wife I was writing a letter, to make them aware of the situation, especially since I thought they would want to know, and they pride themselves on service and product excellence. I explained that it looked like the chocolates had bloomed, and also shared another poor experience with a product that I had back around Easter of 2021.

I sent the letter, and actually forgot about until one night in September, Brad Hanson called and said he was following up on my letter. He introduced himself, apologized for the issues, and explained what may have happened to cause the blooming. He offered to replace the box, but I told him no, that I sent the letter just to make him aware of the situation, and that my wife and kids didn't seem to have a problem with the box we were given. He insisted I accept his offer of a new box, so I told him, yes, I was not going to turn him down twice.

I stopped in to pick up a few days later, and the box was waiting for me. Everyone was so friendly and happy to assist me. As the saying goes, "People may not remember what you said or did, but they will remember how they made you feel."

In todays environment, when so many are stressed, and service can be poor, Brad stepped forward and made sure he listened to understand, and that my next experience was a great one. I thought Brad needed to recognized, and even if he does not win to tell him thank you."



If you know a community member who deserves to be recognized for their extraordinary act of kindness or superior customer service, please take a few moments to nominate them today!


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